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Minha Family Letter

Olá Galerinha do meu coração!!! Bom, as coisas andam um pouco devagar no meu processo, pois agora estou desempregada meeeesssmo e eu não tenho mais o dindin que eu tinnha guardado para tentar ir em no máximo em agosto (eu "emprestei" pro meu papis que tava precisando), e por isso acho que não vou mais conseguir ir esse ano =.( ... (Estou procurando emprego para juntar o dindin de novo!)
Enfim, mas para NOOOSSAAAA ALEGRIIIAAA...meu APP está quase pronto, e eu decidi postar minha family letter e espero que vcs possam dar um lida e me ajudar a corrirgir, pois meu inglês não é lá aquelas coisas..rsrsrs..

Espero que gostem:

Hello, Dear Family!
My name is Miriane, but you can call me Mi or  Diva, I am 24 years old, live in Caieiras, a small town on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, I like to live here because it is a very quiet town, looks the inner city and is known as the "Cidade dos Pinheirais." I live with my parents, my mother called Miriam is 49 years and is a housewife and my father Irineu is 52 years and is attendant in a gas station, also live with my older brother Daniel Wesley is 25 years and is  metallurgist and Raiani my younger sister is 15 years old high school student. We have a white poodle dog named Nina 6 years and is the "darling" of the house. Here in the neighborhood where I live, too many of my relatives live, such as uncles, aunts and cousins. My cousins and aunts, the majorities are already married and have children and I loved many live with them.
I always liked to read, because I think it is very good for the mind and heart, I like reading all kinds of subjects, like to cook too, since my mother taught me to do some small things in the kitchen, at least principal, for example: rice, beans, meat, vegetables and so on. I have the patience to teach (reading, writing, etc.). And so I graduated as a pedagogue, because Love working with children. My mother takes care of three children at home, their names are: Sarah, age 6, Peter, Peter, and four years, two years also have a very special material called Pamela, she is 24 years old who has a daughter 5 years, Dafne, by the way is a child of grace. She comes to my house often and loves to be here playing and having fun with our dog Nina. These children who stay at home asking me to read some history books that they themselves choose, and I read. They like to play a lot of singing, and jumping rope. I took my driver's license recently, but still I always get my dad's car to drive, sometimes to take my mother to the market, doctor, and sometimes to take or get the kids in school. Another hobby I have and I really like is seeing new places and cultural, with friends, or sometimes stay at home watching movies and talking.
As I said in the middle of the letter, I am graduated in Pedagogy finished college at the end of December/2011, and the time that went to college during the holidays also did internships in preschools. I worked two years on a bench as I did in college. When I finished college I worked a while in a school called Santa Clara, was a period that I really liked, but I left there to work as a babysit a very kind and special, Arthur 7 years, really love working with the family of Arthur, for the mother, and his family are very kind and I am working with him until the time of shipment for my future Host Family. I really love working with kids, love interests when they show through my stories, and when they tell me the same stories I have told them the way! I love seeing how they grow and develop, and how they are creative.
My younger sister I practically created, because at the time she was born my mother had to work to help my father, so it has always helped my mother, and therefore also from an early age I learned to change diapers, give baths, put sleep and make bottles! Arthur is Autistic, but grace is a child, intelligent and sweet, when I'm working with him bathe, prepare and give food, play, tell stories and put to sleep. I'm learning a lot with Arthur, because he teaches me to be more patient and careful with children. Well, the kids that my mother cares and I care too like me because whenever I go for a walk in the square which is close to home, in fly a kite, make a picnic, play ball and many other games. The main thing they like is the "History Corner" where we talked, and we heard stories.
Well, I hope to have a great time in the USA! I think it's a great country and I am very interested in learning about American culture, people and improve my English. I hope the family receives me I can be part of the family. Brazil is a big country, so I want to know the family through me! I want to teach and show my country to the children and my host parents. Would not it be great to learn to speak Portuguese? I think kids would love! I'm anxious to go to their country and participate in their lives and know much more about you guys.

Bom, peoples, é isso...por favor dêem a opnião de vcs!
 Bjinhos e ~~ondinhas~~ do amor pra vcs!!! =D
Miriane Silva

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